We do that with a very systematic, yet simple management framework that anyone can learn and repeat daily to get the performance and results they need from their team. 

The final outcome is a leader who can quickly diagnose problems, make better decisions in the moment and get complete buy-in from each individual on their team. Never again will you have a doubt about how to get your people to do what they're supposed to do... and better yet, they'll do it without the complaining and pushback that often comes with change.

You'll build a culture of happy, high-performing, "team-first" employees that will thrive in their roles.
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Meet Drew

Drew is well known as a leading authority in helping leaders of teams get better results. He works with leaders of all types of teams including:
  • Corporate Teams - Executives, VP's and Managers who want to maximize employee performance and productivity while eliminating negative attitudes and constant pushback that often comes with change
  •  Sports Teams - Coaches who want "team-first" players while eliminating premadonna's and disgruntled parents
  •  Family Teams - Parents who want to raise well rounded, productive kids and not entitled, finger pointing brats
Drew believes in using models and frameworks that are repeatable, simple-to-learn and implement and relatable across any type of circumstance and situation. This allows the user to get consistent and quick results even if they are new to the process. That is why Lead EASY is so powerful.

In addition to working with leaders of teams Drew also helps entrepreneurs and small business owners create strategic sales and marketing funnels that deliver results on auto-pilot. Sales and marketing should be systematized and automated. If your's isn't, Drew will help you create a program that you will be exited about, one that fits your business and most importantly one that will get results.
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What Others Say About Drew and Lead E.A.S.Y.
"Drew and his Lead EASY management system not only helped me thrive in my job and get a promotion it also helped me raise better kids. Professionally it helped get my people to buy into what we were doing as an organization and how I could turn the "can't do" attitude into the "I can do anything I set my mind to" attitude. I believe Drew calls it moving from "Me-First" to "Team-First". It has worked great for me and helped me turn two tenured employees work ethic around and both have been named 'Associate of the Month'. My career changed for the better once I discovered Lead Easy!"

Kevin Cartwright, Production Supervisor
"Drew has a strong desire to succeed and create an environment for others to do so as well. His attitude and work ethic are likely contributors to his achievements."

Wade Burgess, VP Talent Solutions at LinkedIn
"You may know Drew Laughlin as a manager extraordinaire, but I know him as the man who saved my life. Truly, Drew is a fantastic leader who excels at helping his people get results. What I loved is that Drew got those results with a sense of humor and compassion. The company got results and his people had fun. The saving my life story is for another time. . ."

Greg Chambers, Chambers Pivot Industries
Why Use Lead EASY
Lead E.A.S.Y. is a Leadership and Results-Based Framework that helps you diagnose problems, aide with decision making and get people on board for the future.

In short, Lead Easy enables managers and leaders create high performing employees and teams without negative attitudes and constant pushback that often comes with change.

The framework is simple but effective. It works regardless of experience, level of training or management style. It does NOT replace what you're already doing - it enhances and complements it - making you a better leader people will be exited to follow.
How Is Lead E.A.S.Y. Implemented
Lead Easy can be implemented into your organization in a multitude of ways. Ultimately it really depends on you and what you prefer and your budget. Below is a list of ways you can bring LE into your culture.

We strongly encourage you to attend one of our free online webclasses. This is the best way to learn if Lead Easy is right for you. As far as investment quotes, etc that's best discussed during a live conversation AFTER you've attend a free webclass and decided that - at least - it appears that LE is a good fit for your organization.
Online Training Program
We offer a comprehensive 6-module online training course that covers the Lead Easy system in detail. This is a self-based course and the attendee gets lifetime access. This is perfect for the individual who is looking to invest in their own self improvement or the organization that is looking to provide additional world-class training for their people. Contact us for pricing and volume discounts.
1-Day Live Virtual Workshop
Instead of sending you people away for training where they spend more time traveling then training we offer a one-day virtual workshop where the attendee can take the course live,online from anywhere - their office, home, etc. The workshop covers the Lead Easy system in detail with the benefit of live Q&A and attendee interaction. Our public workshops run from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM CT. Private workshops are available to fit your company's schedule best.
Live Training - Your Location
Perhaps you prefer to have us come to your location to train your leaders and managers in a more traditional way. No problem. We can do a one-day or multi-day training program specifically for your organization. The biggest benefit is actually have us there to answer questions and show how Lead Easy will work inside your organization.
Consulting and Advisement
Many of our more experienced, C-level executive clients do not have time to sit through a training as they are trying to run the company. For them we provide consulting and advisement services. Typically we meet 3-4 times per year at their location and then they have access to Drew via phone and email throughout the year. Many discussions are not only leadership based but also sales and marketing as many clients understand the wealth of knowledge Drew has in all those areas.
Breakout Training Session
Does your organization have annual or quarterly meetings where breakout sessions are provided? If so, look no further than the most powerful breakout session your employees will ever go through. Depending on the time allotment we offer an abbreviated or full Lead Easy training program. For the abbreviated program we cover all the necessary elements, however, we also focus on the areas that you feel are most important to your organization.
Keynote Presentation
Drew offers a humorous, hard-nosed and heartfelt speaking style that engages the audience and gets them motivated to take action on the things they've learned. Drew's humor and approach is not right for everyone. If your organization is more old school and stuffy then Drew is probably not the right fit for your keynote (a breakout session is probably a better fit). However, if you're organization has a culture where people are truly the most important asset and is a fun place to work, Drew will blow your people away.
What Does The Participant Get
Each and every participant of our Lead E.A.S.Y. programs get the following: 
  • Workbook - Printed fill-in-the-blank workbook. This is critical to the retention of the participant as its proven FIB workbooks help them remember what they're being taught.
  •  Audio Program - Downloadable audio and CD covering the overall Lead E.A.S.Y. program. This is perfect for reinforcement after the training.
  • Framework Worksheets - The Lead E.A.S.Y. program is based on easy-to-use and repeatable frameworks that anyone can use to consistently and repeatedly get the results they want. Simply pull up the framework and go through it and BOOM you're on your way to solving problems and getting people to perform at high levels.
  • Lead E.A.S.Y. Print Book - Drew is currently at work on his upcoming release of the Lead E.A.S.Y. print book that will be available on Amazon and other major retailers. Once it is released all participants will get a copy inside the Participant Kit.
  • Other Fun Lead E.A.S.Y. Stuff - We also include various things that will excite the participant because opening the Participant Kit is almost like opening gifts on their birthday!
One of the Fun Things we provide all participants is Lead E.A.S.Y. wallpaper for their phone. So every time they look at it they will always be reminded that they "Lead E.A.S.Y. Because they Care HARD!"
My team is unique, will this work for me?
Chances are we have met yet. But I would agree that your team is unique. However, human nature is not unique. We all have similar wants and needs. Lead E.A.S.Y. takes that into consideration and is a framework, system if you will, that will work for any leader and manager because its based on these needs and wants and is built in a way ANYONE can learn and implement for themselves.
I have already had management training why do I need this?
Two reasons. First, this has never been taught anywhere, ever. It is a completely unique, powerful system to leadership that has worked for every person that has implemented it. Second, Lead E.A.S.Y. does NOT replace what you already know, have learned or currently do. Instead it is a new opportunity, a new way to get the most out of your people and do it in a way that will engage and excite them.
Will this replace what I'm already doing?
Not at all. As I mentioned earlier, Lead E.A.S.Y. does NOT replace what you already know, have learned or currently do. Instead it is a new opportunity, a new way to get the most out of your people and do it in a way that will engage and excite them.
How will I know when it's working?
Sometimes it happens quickly. Other times it may take a little bit and a lot of repetition. Overall you can expect for not only performance to improve but employees to respect their managers more and move from "Me-First" attitudes to "Team-First" among about 30 other benefits!
Where do I go for more information?
The best first step is to attend one of our free webclasses. Not only do we provide tremendous, life changing training you'll also know exactly if Lead E.A.S.Y. is a good fit for your organization. Its the best 45-minutes you'll ever invest in your career. When you're ready to take the next step, simply contact us and we'll go from there.
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Want to learn more about Lead E.A.S.Y. and to see if its a good fit for your culture? Then attend our free masterclass. It's 100% free and is a great opportunity to see if Lead Easy is right for you.
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