"#1 Best-Selling Book Reveals: The Ultimate Strategy to Position Yourself as the Obvious Expert Allowing You to Eliminate Competition and Command High Prices"

From The Desk of: Drew Laughlin, MBA
Omaha, NE

Dear Coach, Consultant, Expert or Independent Professional,

If you're tired of struggling to generate new business, want to stop competing on price and finally put an end to being put in the same category as everyone else even though you know darn well you're much better than all your competitors than this will be the most important letter you read today!

Imagine for one second, you're finally positioned as the obvious, go-to expert in your market where everyone knows you're the best and know that if they want to work with you its not going to be for peanuts.

Imagine, your ideal customers comes to you instead of you chasing them.

Imagine, no longer having to haggle on price but know you can finally demand what you're worth.

Well, don't imagine anymore... This is all possible by doing ONE thing!

I'll explain what that is in a minute...

But First... Please Understand:

Please understand that everything I share on this page are my results and the results of my clients and customers. 

However, they are not typical. I am not implying that you will get the same results - or do anything for that matter - with the information I'm about to share with you.

The average person who invests in any “how to” information gets little to no results. I’m using these references for example purposes only and to prove to you that it can work. But just because it can work does NOT make it a guarantee that it will work for you. 

Your results will vary and depend on many factors including but not limited to your experience, knowledge, effort, mindset, ability, work ethic and more.
Every and all business entails risk as well as consistent and persistent effort and lots of action. If you are NOT willing to accept that, please do us both a favor and NOT get this book.

Okay. Now that that's out of the way, let's get on with it. 

What This is All About

Perhaps you’ve heard from other people telling you something like, “Hey! You need to write a book. That’s the best way to separate yourself from everyone else!”

You know what? They’re only partly right!

Writing and publishing a “traditional” book is actually one of the worst things you can do for your business.

It’s true.

I know it sounds crazy because we’re so used to hearing about the only way to position yourself as the obvious go-to expert is to publish a “traditional” book.

But it's not.

Don’t get me wrong. 

Having a print book is VERY IMPORTANT and can completely change your business!

Believe me, I want you to have a print book with your name on it.

You just need to go about it in the right way.

And that’s what this letter is all about.

I’m going to share three secrets with you now that’s going to completely transform the way you look at the publishing industry forever and make you understand why “traditional” publishing is NOT the way to go and what the better alternative is.

But Why Listen to Me?

I’m Drew Laughlin and I am an author, marketer and leadership expert (I know crazy combo right!) who has published over 10 books and have helped tons of people publish their own print book. And we usually get it done in 30-days or less.

The book that I’m going to ask you to invest a measly $6.50 in at the bottom of this page has done very well for me.

In fact, it was a #1 best-seller in a few different categories on Amazon including:
  • Marketing for Small Business
  • ​Sales and Presentations
  • ​Sales and Selling
Enough about me.

You’re probably thinking, “So what is the best way to publish your own book then Mr. Smarty Pants?”

It’s something called Credibility Books!

Secret 1: Why Credibility Books Blow Traditional Books Out of the Water

First off, we need to make sure we’re all on the same page.

Can we agree that having a print book with your name on it is one of the best ways to position yourself as the obvious, go-to expert in your marketplace?

Okay, great!

Let’s keep going...

There are many reasons why traditional publish is so hard and frankly sucks:
  • Your book must be at least 250+ pages (like anyone has time for that)
  • They must follow a rigid structure (even though people don’t want to read a bunch of fluff and filler)
  • ​They can take years to actually write and get the final product in your hand (yea that sounds like fun)
  • ​You really don’t have any control over your book – the publisher does. And they don’t even help you promote it once it’s finished (wow the hits keep coming)
  • ​If you don’t make money off book sales, the publisher gets pissed because they’re losing money (Ugh! Talk about unnecessary pressure.)
  • ​Shall I go on? (No! Please make it stop!)
Credibility Books on the other hand are pretty much the opposite but still accomplish the same benefits.

And in most cases, when used properly and the way I suggest, can benefit you WAY MORE than any traditional book can.

Here are the main differences that Credibility Books bring to the table:
  • ​They can be as little as 24-75 pages. (Yes! I can do that in a weekend.)
  • You can choose from several different frameworks we provide to write your book easier and faster than you ever could imagine (Our frameworks are like following a recipe. So easy!)
  • Credibility Books are specific to one problem your target market has and is focused on actually providing them value to help solve that problem…and contains NO fluff. (Are you serious? We don’t have to use fluff and filler? Thank God!)
  • ​You and you alone have control over your book! (This is a great thing!)
  • ​Your book should NOT be considered a profit center by itself but rather an Authority piece to position you as the expert and get you in front of your ideal client (This is where traditional books get it all wrong. More on this later.)
  • ​Credibility Books can be written AND published in a matter of days or weeks without a loss of quality (Money loves speed!)
As if what I’ve told you already isn’t enough information to convince you to invest $6.50 to get my book, Instant Authority, I’ll keep going…

I’m going to share with you two more secrets about Credibility Books and how you can use them to create instant authority and expert positioning in your marketplace.

Aren’t you ready to finally separate yourself from all of your competition?

Secret 2: Writing is As Easy as Answering Questions

The second secret is you can use proven frameworks to write a world-class quality book even if you have no time to sit down and write.

And do it faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

The framework you choose to use will determine how fast you can get your book written.

This is key because when you write your book the right way - using one of our proven frameworks - you not only get it done fast but in a way that is HUGELY valuable to the reader.

Something they actually enjoy reading and will appreciate you helping them solve their problems. It's truly a win-win.

Writing your book should be as easy as answering a few simple questions.

But important, strategic questions that actually help your customer while positioning you as the expert.

There are questions in your prospects and customers heads right now that they would like answered BEFORE doing business with you.

Most likely, these are the same questions you answer all the time.

Doesn’t it make sense to have something that you can give them that answers all these questions without you having to do it over and over again?

HINT: one of our most recommended book writing frameworks is pretty much what I just outlined for you. [Insert smile emoji here.]

The main thing to realize is that when it comes to writing a book the writing process does not have to be hard, complicated or time consuming… nor should it be.

You probably hear all the time how hard it is to write a book. Or how long it took for someone to finish their book and get it published.

To all those people I say, "You're doing it wrong!"

You see, the way I recommend using books is to position yourself as the expert. The simple fact that you're a published author does that automatically.

Why go through the traditional process where in most cases it doesn’t really help your customers anyway?

Make it simple. Make it valuable. Answer the questions that are in your market’s head already.

There's no reason to kill yourself in the writing process.

However, that doesn't mean you publish junk either.

And that leads us to the third secret.

Secret 3: How to Use Your New Credibility Book to Grow Your Income

When I started in business, I always wanted to write a book but didn’t know how. I went into deep research and figured it all out… and it took forever!

I discovered that the traditional publishing model is antiquated and outdated. And frankly a waste of time.

Especially with the advent and ease of on-demand publishing (aka self-publishing).
Why would anyone want to go through the exhausting process of using a traditional publisher when there is a much easier and better way.

And to top it all off, I realized pretty quickly that 99% of authors don’t make squat for money!

In fact, most lose money because they have a garage full of books they were forced to buy by the publishing company. What!?!

Then one day I was on a marketing webinar and the host said something that changed everything. He described the concept of: one-problem, one-solution.

The concept is to NOT overwhelm the reader with 250+ pages of fluff and filler that they have to weed through to get to the good stuff.

Instead, why not focus on one-problem and provide them one-solution so they can actually get the help they need.

While he was talking about online lead-generation reports I thought, why not create print books using the same concept.

At that moment, Credibility Books were born.

But I took it a step further.

The key to Credibility Book success is NOT to focus on making money from book sales but to position yourself as the go-to expert in your marketplace allowing you to sell your high-ticket back end offer.

Meaning, don't worry about making money on the sale of your book but rather use your book to sell more of your core offer – what you do best.

And that’s how you’ll use your new Credibility Book to grow your income!

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

This sounds great but how do I know it will work for me.

If you're a coach, consultant, expert, thought leader or service professional (like a financial planner, CPA, attorney, real estate agent) having your own Credibility Book will work for you!

Think of it this way.

Let’s say you're a marketing consultant who helps businesses generate leads using Pay-Per-Click Advertising.

You randomly meet with someone who tells you they need more leads, but they don’t know much about PPC and how to use it to get more leads and customers.

You then hand that person your Credibility Book - with your name on it - that answers all of their questions and even questions they didn't know to ask on how using PPC will generate all the leads they can handle.

Can you see how powerful that is?

You literally wrote the book on the subject that you're an expert in.

Of course, they will view you as the authority when it comes time to hiring someone to run and manage their PPC ads to help grow their business.

Which leaves us here…

Buy My Credibility Book on Credibility Books

Hopefully by now I’ve convinced you that you at least need to consider publishing your own Credibility Book.

And now I want to invite you to invest in my #1 best selling book, Instant Authority, for only $6.50!

This is my Credibility Book on Credibility Books!

I take what you’ve learned here and go deeper and hit on every question that is probably going on in your pretty little head right now.

The cool thing is I do all of this in only 83-pages!!

You can read this in an afternoon.

What better way to really know if publishing your own Credibility Book is right for you than to read my own Credibility Book?

Just in case you’re still wondering if its worth your valuable $6.50 let me show you what you’ll discover:
  • Where to start and what to include
  • How to know exactly what your readers want and how to give them genuine value
  • How to make your book look professional
  • How to determine the topic and niche for your book
  • How to get your book edited without spending a fortune
  • How to write your book to ensure it is always current and never outdated
  • The proper way to write your book so it’s not all about you but still positions you as the expert
  • How to write your book fast and in some cases without writing a word yourself… and no we’re not talking about ghostwriters
  • The best book publisher you should use
  • Who Credibility Books work best for
  • Identify what type of Credibility Book is best for you
  • Use proven frameworks to ensure you create meaningful content that actually helps your audience
  • How to get your book in the hands of your best future customers
  • The secret framework to organize your content so you include enough information but not too much
  • Why you should always use your name and not a pen name
  • A step-by-step blueprint of the publishing process so you never have to worry if you’re doing it right
  • The best way to publish your book
  • How many books you need on hand to be successful
  • A simple, proven way to get inspired to write your book
  • Gain a clear understanding of all the technical aspects of publishing a book
  • Get the most from using your book in a strategic way
  • Where to outsource the creation of a powerful book cover (if needed)
  • The perfect length of your book. HINT: it’s much shorter than you think
  • Exactly what to include in your book
  • How to avoid the “overthinking” and “overwhelm” traps
  • Swiftly move away from “me-too” marketing and stand out from your competition and never worry about what they think about you or if you’re good enough
  • Never have to worry about whether your book is formatted correctly or not
  • The best price for your book
  • How to design the absolute best book cover ever
  • Create better marketing programs that get results
  • Rapidly move from unknown to the obvious go-to expert in your marketplace
  • Engage your audience like never before
  • Increase your leads and customers with proven marketing strategies

Here's What to Do Now...

The investment of this book is only $6.50, and you get it instantly as a PDF download.
Why $6.50?   
When I started this, I used to mail out physical copies. The printing, postage and padded envelope cost me a little over $6.50.  
A decent percentage of books we shipped were getting lost in the mail or damaged. And some of them were taking WAY TOO LONG to get to their destination!
I surveyed my clients and they said they'd prefer getting the book immediately, rather than having to wait a couple of weeks.
So as soon as you place your order, you'll be sent a email receipt with your private links where you can download the book.
You can access your book anywhere, instantly, without having to wait for the post office to get it to you! Pretty sweet, right?!

Get Your Copy of Instant AuthoritNow...

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to reading your Credibility Book.
Drew Laughlin, MBA
Author of Instant Authority

P.S. In case you're one of those people who just skips to the end to read the PS, here's what I got for you:

I'm offering you a chance to get my best-selling 83-page book that outlines the exact process I use and my client use to create a powerful, authority building book faster and easier than traditional publishing. (Results may vary.)

The price? A measly $6.50. 

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See What Customers Have to Say About Their Credibility Book...
"I was recently a part of Drew's Credibility Book program. Jumping in, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Drew helped every step of the way! He demonstrated a very positive attitude throughout the process and helped me establish a series of goals in manageable pieces. If I had some questions or problems, Drew would take the initiative to help me over the obstacles and allow us to find a solution quickly. Overall this was a great experience, and Drew was there each step of the way. "

Paul Conant
Author of, It All Starts with Marketing
"The Credibility Book program offered by Drew was everything as promised. Working with his team was amazing, and the response was fast. I got my book done faster than they had promised. The changes I had asked for were done quickly. Overall, I am pleased with the end product, and now I am working on getting the results from this great marketing tool! "

Randy Walden
Author of, Learn How to Manage and Market Your Business Online Reputation
"Getting my book published with Drew was a great experience. He was helpful, professional, and courteous all the way through. Always willing to make any tweaks or major changes without the slightest bit of grumbling.  If you are thinking about getting a book published, I would definitely recommend you go to Drew." 

John McDonald 
Author of, How to Turn Your Website into a Customer Getting Machine

"Wow, I am so impressed with the final result of my book, Protecting a Doctor's Digital Brand! Drew was easy to work with. He was extremely receptive to my requests for changes and responded quickly whenever I had a question. There is no doubt I will be doing this again. I expect the book will provide me with a tremendous amount of authority working within the medical niche. Thanks, Drew!"

Joe Velez
Author of, Protecting a Doctor's Digital Brand