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Written Monday, 5:30 AM
While I was working a full time corporate gig, I started building websites in 1997 for friends and a few small business clients. It was at that moment that I knew I wanted to be a consultant.

Fast forward to 2003 and that's when I started as a full time entrepreneur. Like many, I chased the dream, several of them actually and many of them didn't amount to squat. In fact, I failed several times! One of the reasons I failed was because I had to learn and do everything on my own. There wasn't anything out there that could give me a jump start or help me, help my customers fast and easy. Everything was hard!

That is the exact reason why I started MarketingConsultantPLR! I wanted to create pre-made, done-for-you products that consultants can use in their business to quickly and easily sell to their local customers.

We're talking about products, where 95% of the work is already done for you, that you can put your name on and instantly profit from.

PLR is defined as "Private Label Rights". Basically what that means is you invest in our PLR products and then you can put your name on them, claim ownership of them and resell them to your local clients. The only thing you can't do with our products is resell them to other marketers.

Over the last several years thousands of consultants have used our products to build their businesses and help their local clients easier and better than ever before.

If you're ready to grow your marketing consultant business using proven PLR products then click the button below and shop our MCPLR Store Now!
Why Listen to Us
Over the last several years we have created over $200,000 worth of PLR content for thousands of marketing consultants all over the world.
I've been there, done it and still doing it. I've been a local marketing consultant since 1997. But I also coach other marketing consultants and help them grow their business. Lastly, I am a product creator. Most of my products are created specifically for local marketing consultants to use in their own business.

Over the past few years I have created well over 100 PLR products that thousands of consultants use every day in their business. I survey my consultant customers regularly to understand the challenges they are facing and to know exactly what they need right now that will help them most in their businesses. Then my team and I create products that fit their needs.

I pride myself on providing not only world-class products but also top quality service. You can rest assured that we will be here when you need us.
Drew Laughlin, MBA
Founder of MCPLR
If you're ready to grow your marketing consultant business using proven PLR products then click the button below and shop our MCPLR Store Now!
Done-for-you, brandable PLR content, products, and marketing assets for marketing consultants.
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